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LW: The Community (Pt. 2) LW: The Community (Pt. 2)

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Whats The Point?

I have recently notaced that you never reply to bad reveiws but you do to all the others, which is very ignorant but that way I know that you will also be reading this, Now Firstly The Story, I didnt see any point init but I did like that fact that it sort of carried on from the 1st one, I didnt think it was very funny at all, and personally when people say 'I love this british humour' it isnt british humour at all, it is quite slapstic but mainly vocal with british voices, british humour is the sort of humour with characters init who make YOU feel embarressed or characters who get annoyed with the slighest task at hand. So as I was saying not rly that funny, cept the end but you didnt see the rest of it so It didnt rly make sence, and there must have been a script so she wouldnt have done it in reality, also I dont like at all the way that characters look ok one minute then next they look all different, if you are gonna get different flash artists to do different episodes dont give them templates for charctors cause it just mucks up the look, like the sound of the other effects, it just doesnt sounds normal or right, its not a very healthy enviroment all in all.

Out For Drinks (part1) Out For Drinks (part1)

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Completely Crap!

Ok, firstly, if your gonna do summit like this, ACT! and act well!
Secondly if your gonna make it funny, make it funny, this wasnt! not in the slightest.
Thirdly thats was the worst shaun of the dead rip off I have ever seen!
& finally fourthly the only bit I actually liked was the music at the end becuase at first it sounded like the truman show soundtrack.

The Invasion - Trailer The Invasion - Trailer

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

2 Tanks?

2 tanks isnt much of an "INVASION" maybe, if you had 1, then 2 moved in then like hundreds!
other than that good job, also btw have the 'will come' bit fade it under neather 'The Invasion' in smaller text, k?